How to stay safe when gambling at online casinos

When you click on a banner for an online casino, you'll arrive at the casino website. This site is where you can read about the casino’s terms and conditions, there current welcome bonus and loyalty rewards, there phone support numbers and other contact info, and of course the games they offer.

This is also where you may choose between the “download” as well as “no-download” versions of the casino software that you actually play on. About half of all online players prefer not to download - either because they don’t want to take the time to download right now, or because they want to try out the casino before they start committing space on their hard drive to it.

Downloaded software is nice because it tends to have better graphics, a greater selection of games, and runs faster. The only problem is that, depending on the age of your computer and the browser you are using, you may occasionally (though only rarely these days) run into a problem with the download.

If you’re on a good DSL or cable connection, however then usually the download only takes a minute or two. After you download the software, it will either open automatically for you to register and play, or you’ll have to click on the new casino icon on your desktop to finish installing it on your hard drive. This takes just a couple more minutes. In the reputable Australian online casinos we recommend on our site, all of this should be pretty automatic and easy to do. Once it’s installed, the software can take up around 50MB of space on your hard drive so it doesn’t take up much space at all.

Is My Money Safe At Online Casinos?

Safe casinosThis is everyone's biggest question when they first start playing on online casino sites, and it’s probably yours. You may feel like you’re taking a real chance depositing money with an internet casino. You think, what if you go back the next day and the whole website is offline? Or, what if the online casino website is there but your money is gone? On top of that worry, you may be wondering whether the games are even fair. Does anyone ever win? These are all legitimate concerns you may have.

Well, let us give you some reassurance. There are online casinos that have been in business for a decade or more now, whose books are audited by major Australian accounting firms, and that are multi-million-dollar operations whose reputations for honesty are as good as any of the casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

We have been playing online ourselves for years, and we have been guiding players through online casino gambling for many years too. We have seen player’s cash out wins of tens of thousands, as well as scores of wins of lesser amounts. And there are knowledgeable players, professional Australian gamblers, who are playing a lot online. These players record their results and know from their statistics if any online casino software is cheating.

And indeed, some Aussie online casinos have tried to rip players off with dishonest software or by not paying or slow paying winners or through other unethical practices. That's why, before you deposit your money in any online casino; go have a look at the online casinos we recommend on this site that are safe to play on. Gambling is always a risk, but your fate is in the hands of the cards, not crooks. The online casinos we recommend offer games dealt by honest software and run by honest people.